Delivering Wholistic & Luxury Wellness for Over a Decade!


The Utopian Brand is your Wholistic Lifestyle Company that promotes wellness & “Living Your Most Passionate Life on Purpose”….. mind, spirit & body.


Our comprehensive offerings include: Customizable Lifestyle & Executive Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Retreats, Luxury On-site Spa Services & Events.


The mission of Utopia Living is to empower clients to accomplish their goals through engaging their passions and maximizing their unique purpose to achieve a wholistically fulfilling life!


Naya Powell, CEO, Founder and Wellness Pioneer of The Utopian Brand launched Spa Utopia (The Luxury Travel Spa). This served as the company’s first division. Having worked in the corporate world, Naya understood the level of burnout and unfulfillment amongst busy professionals. As a result, the inspiration of Atlanta’s 1st Luxury Travel Spa was ignited to offer on-site life-balance, restoration and wellness solutions.



The vision was expanded to Utopia Living which offers, Wholistic Lifestyle & Executive Coaching,  Corporate Wellness, Retreats, Youth & Women’s Empowerment. Upon recognizing the yearning for many clients to live a more empowered, purposeful and balanced life, Utopia Living’s unique coaching practice focuses on using a wholistic approach. This model encompasses accomplishing the desired outcome of the clients’ Professional, Spiritual, Financial, Emotional, Physical, Personal and Relational Life Goals. We serve as a Thought Partner and Coach to assist our clients in unveiling their obstacles, core strengths, and options which will help lead them to personal and professional breakthroughs.