Wellness & Retreats

Bring wellness to your workplace, retreat or organization and make your group happier, healthier and more productive!


Integrate Fortune 500 best practices by incorporating Utopia Living’s Wellness Solutions that focus on preventive Mind – Body Classes to help you dramatically improve your company’s ROI. Thriving organizations appreciate that providing wellness programs can improve employee health while reducing costs.  Studies show that by investing in the “wellness” of your company’s most significant resource, “Human Resources” adds to the bottom line.


A review of 72 studies published in the American Journal of Health Promotion showed an average corporate wellness return on investment (ROI) of $3.48 per $1 when considering health care costs alone, $5.82 when examining absenteeism and $4.30 when both outcomes are considered. While these figures are promising, it is important to note that results may vary significantly among employers. Variables such as types of programs, incentives offered, off-the-shelf versus company-specific programs will all affect the ROI.” Source: SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)


On-site Wellness & Retreat Offerings


Mind-Body Group Wellness

(1 hour Classes Available Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Mindfulness

  • Group Fitness

  • Guided Nature Walks

  • (Let’s take it outside. We now offer “Utopia Living Open Air & Aromatherapy Group Classes” in your courtyard!)


Wholistic Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching Topics include (not limited to)

  • “Nourishing the Mind Body & Soul”

  • “Creating Healthy Boundaries”

  • “Life Simplified”

  • “Wellness in the Work Place”

  • “Cultivating Gratitude & Inner Peace”

  • “Clear the Clutter - (Organization Strategies)”

  • “Free Your Time & Mind – Time Management Strategies”


Corporate Aromatherapy Chair Massage

Increase productivity, employee morale & reduce absenteeism. Recognize your team for a job well done with the gift of wellbeing!

  • 1 Hour:  Aromatherapy Chair Massage - Can service up to 6 persons with 10 minute Chair Massages.

  • 2 Hours: Aromatherapy Chair Massage - Can service up to 12 persons with 10 minute Chair Massages.

  • 3 Hours: Aromatherapy Chair Massage - Can service up to 18 persons with 10 minute Chair Massages.

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